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Aged Pecorino di Rocca under black pepper 1,3 Kg approx.

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THE PRODUCT: the compact white paste cheese is refined until right maturation. Afterwards it is put under black pepper. The aroma and the flavour of the black pepper can be tasted, and the cheese turns to have a pronounced but dainty taste. When the maturing is fully completed, the rind appears sprinkled with pepper and it is sold embodied.
SHELF LIFE: the product keeps its most typical characteristics if preferably consumed within 180 days from the end of the maturing.



NAME: Pecorino di Rocca matured under black pepper.
INGREDIENTS: pasteurized ewe milk, rennet, salt, milk enzymes, natural flavouring. Pepper on the rind for decoration. Non-edible rind.
ALLERGENS: milk and derived, pasteurized ewe milk (ingredient).
MATURING: 60 days at least.
SIZE: around kg 1.3 per round.
STORAGE: in a cool and dry place.
ENERGY: 426 kcal /100g.
ENERGY: 1782 kJ /100g.

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