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Immersed in the magical landscape of Chianti, Castello di Meleto is a magnificent fortification of the thirteenth century. It is in 1256 that the name "Meleto in Chianti" appears for the first time in the book "Libro degli Estimi" of the Florentine Guelphs as a property of the Ricasoli- Firidolfi. The position of the border, at the edge of the Republics of Siena and Florence, has led that the castle has been the scene of many wars between the Guelphs and Ghibellines, including the second Aragonese invasion of Chianti in 1478 when it was occupied by enemy troops and during the War of the Medici, in 1529, when it was besieged by the troops of Siena. With majestic walls and stately cylindrical towers, magnificent frescoed halls and a fascinating and extraordinary eighteenth century theater, and the ancient underground cellar that holds the real treasure of the castle: THE WINE!

The Meleto Castle is located at the center of the farm, which covers approximately 1,000 hectares of which 125 are cultivated with vines. Sangiovese is the undisputed king of our vineyards, accompanied by complimentary local varieties and some international varietals. In defining the style of our wines, particular attention has been made to the characteristics of soil and climate of the territory of Gaiole in Chianti, which attributes in enhancing the intense aromas, elegance and quality of the tannins.

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