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Cinta Senese Salami AOP 0,350 Kg approx.

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FEAUTURES: the main organoleptic characteristics of this salami are the acidity's absence and the so soft and sweet taste. It's produced with selected first quality pork meats like shoulders, scamerites and ham trimsSHELF - LIFE: 10 months



Description: Product obtained by processing chilled pork meat, minced, mixed with salt, diced lard, additives and flavourings. The mixture meat is stuffed into natural bowel and subjected to drying, steaming and aging procedures, in accordance with time and manners that ensure it the acquisition of the typical flavour and texture characteristics.
Ingredients: pork, salt, dextrose, sucrose, natural flavours, spices, preservatives (E 250 and E 252) and antioxidants (E 300).
Packaging: The product can be sold with the wrapping or as is.
Aging: 90 days.
Storage: kept in a cool, dry place.
Recommended: to be eaten raw and sliced.

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You're reviewing: Cinta Senese Salami AOP 0,350 Kg approx.


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