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Cinta Senese Capocollo AOP 1,000 Kg approx.

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FEAUTURES: it's produced with last part of pork loin (the neck). SHELF - LIFE: 8 months



Description: product obtained by trim and choices muscular portions of “capocollo” pork, subjected to salting in controlled temperature for about 7 days, then washed, dried and flavoured with spices and herbs, in accordance with time and manners, that ensure it the acquisition of the typical flavour and texture characteristics.
Ingredients: pork, salt, dextrose, sucrose, natural flavours, spices, preservatives (E 250 and E 252) and antioxidants (E 300).
Packaging: vacuum
Aging: 60 days.
Storage: kept in a cool, dry place.
Recommended: to be eaten raw and sliced.

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